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Everybody has a story...

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The Tapestry

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Fragments from Solitary Souls

Everybody has a story...
 These are ours...


Dreamseeker Wish Keeper


Filled with highs, lows, thrills and mysteries, her essays remind us of why we read and write and of the power of stories to inspire and entertain.

Audrey Lewis does a phenomenal job with this collection and leaves her readers wanting more.

Cindy Schaefer, columnist 

Raleigh News & Observer

Red City Review


The story telling style of Audrey is so absorbing that your interest will soar like the temperature of a feverish patient. She is capable of creating a perfect ambience that will take the story towards the end.

Jayasree’s A New Dimension in Review



Audrey Lewis is an award-winning author, proud mother, and passionate adventurer who loves to push boundaries, take risks, and inspire others. Whether she’s climbing mountains or camping out on billboards in Times Square, she’s a dreamer and a giver who has proven time and time again that she’s not afraid to break the rules. As the author of the critically acclaimed short story collection “Everybody has a story… These are ours”, Audrey’s work has been featured in hit magazines including Short Story Town, Weird Mask Magazine, Spillwords, Active Muse, Evolving, Dissident Voice and Cephalopress.

Armed with her natural-born creativity and a deep passion for her craft, she enjoys nothing more than sharing stories and providing readers with thought-provoking new perspectives. She’s also the founder of the non-profit (name), where she’s served as the executive director for 23 years. Audrey currently resides in Illinois, where she enjoys spending her free time growing vegetables, beekeeping, designing dream catchers, finding vintage treasures, or enjoying a good game of scrabble. For more information about Audrey and her work, visit her website at (website).

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Fragments From Solitary Souls

Step into a hauntingly beautiful and deeply enigmatic collection of wisdom and insights from beyond the realm of the mind.

Artfully written with a raw, gritty, and heartfelt tone where emotions flow from every page, this compelling book weaves together a collection of voices, messages, and seemingly otherworldly insights that guided author (author name)’s life and permeated her reality. Beautifully told in a way that will touch the hearts and minds of fellow wandering souls, this collection illuminates the profound reflections and real-life stories that underlie one woman’s search for meaning in a mysterious world.

Shedding light on unexplainable visions and near-psychic messages, Fragments from Solitary Souls questions the thin line between life and death, the real and the supernatural. Poetic, chaotic, and sometimes deeply obscure, these records will force you to consider some of life’s biggest questions as (author name) shares the voices she has been witness to for over three decades, along with her personal journey as they helped define her reality.

Perfect for dreamers, visionaries, truth-seekers, and anybody who wants to explore the strange reality we live in, Fragments from Solitary Souls is a thoughtful and reflective book that intertwines order with chaos, offering a memorable experience that will stick with you long after you put its pages down.

June 21, 2019  

11 am - 1 pm

I'll be at Barbara's Bookstore Kids Department from 11-1 reading from "Dreamseeker, Wishkeeper" and helping children make their own wishkeepers. 
Hope to see you there.
Barbara's Bookstore Hawthorn Mall
720 Hawthorn Center
Vernon Hill, IL 60061



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