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Fragments from solitary souls

Fragments from Solitary Souls are the voices and messages that for years I found so  disturbing, an inconvenience, perhaps a curious dream.  However, as time went by I found those same words and messages I had received over the years were now resurfacing as part of someone else's autobiography.  That while the voices I heard and the people I saw I believed were mine alone, it became curious that these same messages would appear in a story, or be shared by word of mouth, often even in the news or on the screen, my story, my voices?!

The people I sought to help me, rather used me as a tool to get the pieces of a somewhat larger puzzle, of which the answer I am still unclear.  Yet I am not alone, for these same “professionals” have been known among a small circle to travel around the country, the world, “helping” while they actually collect.

When Celestine Prophecy came out there was a great deal of noise, some believed, some wanted to, some knew and some just enjoyed a good book.  For me life continued to be an enigma.

When Dan H's mother appeared before me suspended in a glowing sphere of light her message was simpler than my job of relaying it to a mere acquaintance.  “Rest easy for I am at peace.”

The question for me, believe it or not a skeptic was how to relay a message from someone I didn't know, had never met and truthfully wasn't even sure how to ask about.   What do you say, “so is your mother dead?”  or am I just dreaming.  What if she wasn't dead, just very ill, what if she wasn't even ill?  The question was answered fortunately by a secretary in his office.    “Dan H wasn't in today”, I took a deep breath and then just blurted out “did his mother die?”  I waited for what seemed like an eternity and was not sure who was more surprised, “Yes, very early this morning, who is this?”

What does a non believer, a skeptic think?

To explain the unexplainable.  To be singled out, pointed at, thought to be crazy.  No simple way out. Did I really want to take the chance and expose myself? NEVER.

Then I read an article about a woman who upon the diagnosis of breast cancer did the unmentionable, she announced it to the world, inviting strangers to touch her breast prior to her mastectomy so that they would know what a malignant tumor felt like, having a party and shaving her head before her hair fell out...CELEBRATING LIFE!

CELEBRATING LIFE, the unexplained laid before me, opened, exposed for all to read, feel, understand, laugh and learn.

Whatever you believe, Fragments from Solitary Souls is real.  My reality.  The order is their order, if it had been mine it would mean I had taken the chaos out and given order to an unorderly world.  Instead the pieces are yours to do what you please.  All I ask is that if you choose to use them, use them wisely and with peace.

(During the months of November 1991 - January 1992 the voices were constant.  They caused strain on my daily routine, and guided me to seek help at a local Family Counseling Center.  It was there that I met Iris, a counselor who not only suggested, but encouraged me to write the voices down. Each week she would have me bring in the notebook where I had recorded the voices and carefully read her the entries.  She would share with me, stories of other clients she had and talked about their similar entries. When she left there was no good-bye, and the counseling center had no record of her being there, despite my seeing and paying her for months.

The following are all written as they were heard, so they not only include phonetic spelling but exact grammar. I also kept careful track of the dates and have listed accordingly.  There were several years of silence and then the voices began again in January 1996 for several weeks,  silence again until October  and November 1998 from 1998 to the present  the messages were so scattered that I simply kept them on scraps of paper and later transfer them here to Image Quest.  My apologies for the lack of dates, I suppose they are no longer important, the last entry in this section shall be the last entry I receive prior to going to press  I only hope that whatever the last message is will somehow bring it all together , for otherwise I imagine I will someday, sometime be required to hear them again)

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