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Behold for you are one

The time when it shall

stop shall be the time for the new age

beginnings a different place, a different time, a different people

they shall be, for there may be no others

they shall exist because the others may not they shall give fully of each other always, also of themselves they shall be.

In the end they had only themselves they needed nothing else giving back all they had taken succeeding only by being they were free.

When they came to us we opened fire expecting the worst.

On eagles wings they soared swooping up anything in their way returning not to the heavens but to the creation of all which is

pieces of a puzzle scored in stone each piece  intricately fitting to it’s partners

The images they carved in stone were only passages

They heard but would not listen.  They would not let them go.

In the time before they came there was peace

In the moment they arrived all who lived to tell spoke of a firey explosion.  together allowing peace to rebuild to restart to be

In the spring of the 15th

As the falcon soars you must seek shelter

internal home

Harrowing few to last yet to survive

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