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time to have some fun

How fast can you find all 75 "A" words?

automobile, alley, arches, arch, almond, animals, attire, airplane, aviator, alien, astronaut , alter. antenna, apple, apple tree, arrow, aborigine, alligator, acorn, axe, awl, apron, afro, apple pie, asparagus, avocado, artichoke, apricot, ajar, applause, audience, actors, act antelope, antlers, afghan, ape, accordion, angel, award, art, artist, ants, anthill, anvil ascot, aardvark, armadillo, algae, ashes, ash bucket, anaconda, aquarium, angler anchor, armchair, armor, airport, air conditioner, airedale, ambulance, atlas, almonds abacus, acrobat, ankle, ankle bracelet, arm, arm pit

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